Reading the manufacturer's specifications to get details about moisture tolerance is necessary before making a final laminate or vinyl flooring choice. That's something to remember when you shop for flooring at Royal Palm Flooring in Royal Palm Beach, FL Water-resistant and waterproof flooring are different, and what's more, not all waterproof floors are the same.

Waterproof vinyl flooring

Water on 100 percent waterproof vinyl flooring can be cleaned up in a reasonable amount of time. In addition, some manufacturers boast that their brands can tolerate standing water. Superior planks and tiles are durable because they are waterproof and include a thick transparent surface layer that protects the wood or tile image layer.

Water-resistant luxury vinyl

Water or liquid spills must be removed immediately from more budget-friendly luxury vinyl floors to ensure no damage to the planks or tiles. Specifically, liquids pool and stay on the water-resistant surface for easy cleanup instead of soaking into the flooring and causing structural problems. Typically, these brands' wear layer is thinner than waterproof vinyl flooring brands.  

Laminate flooring

Laminate flooring, which tends to be less costly than vinyl flooring, is available in standard and waterproof styles. Water must be removed right away from traditional laminate floors, while waterproof laminate flooring can tolerate a wet surface. Times vary among brands and manufacturers, but usually, floors can remain wet for about one day before damage may occur.

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