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Cleaning wood flooring

To minimize the amount of floor cleaning needed, put a floor mat outside and inside each entryway. Then a quick daily sweep with a house broom or a vacuum cleaner will be required to remove dirt and debris that can scratch hardwood flooring.

Clean up messes immediately and damp mop weekly with a liquid wood floor cleaner.

Polyurethane finish

Polish not only helps your hardwood floors maintain their shine but also protects them from mishaps that are bound to occur. In addition, a polyurethane finish acts as a waterproof barrier, which means that liquids pool on the surface rather than penetrate the wood.

If your floor has a polyurethane finish, use a urethane or water-based polish rather than wax, which can dull the finish.

Penetrating finishes

Finishes that penetrate the wood flooring, like linseed or tung oil, are usually topped with a protective wax coat that adds a sheen.

Thus, a wax-based polish must be used on floors with a penetrating finish, quickly absorbing water and warping the wood. With most wax polishes, you can squirt the wax solution onto the floor and wipe it with a microfiber cloth.

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